30th Jan 2011: The Tax Dodger Name & Shame

We had a great turn out, with everyone getting back into the protesting spirit as the spring thaw begins. The brave boys in blue anticipated our targets this time around, not only following us but also moving ahead and kindly locking the doors before we even got there! With enemies like these, who needs friends? They even posted two sentries outside Debenhams, which we hadn’t been planning. Our suspicions roused, we asked them whether perhaps we should be targeting this shop as well. The answer was a non-committal ‘no comment’ from the officer, but perhaps there’s some investigative work to be done here.

The march continued all the way down Prince’s Street and back, targeting everywhere from Bhs and Boots at one end to Topshop and Vodafone at the other. Almost everyone passing seemed genuinely supportive, and a few even stopped and joined us. We gave the police a bit of a run around towards the end, but it was all in good fun – whilst we’d prefer it if they went after the actual criminals and left us alone, they’ve so far been reasonably friendly, which is more than can be said for their comrades down in London.

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