12th Feb 2011: Tax Man’s surprise visit to Topshop and Bhs

This one was a little different to the others. Given the pre-emptive nature of the police response last time around (see below) we decided to meet secretly before picking our target. This could probably have been organised better, and resulted in a somewhat reduced strike force. Ah well, we live and learn!

It wasn’t by any means a disaster though. Under the guise of casual shoppers, we filtered into Topshop and took up positions. An anonymous individual donned his tights and mask, and lo and behold, there was Tax Man! A sharp blow of a whistle propelled us into action, and we descended on one of the tills, where the majestic pink-caped crusader posed and handed out flyers whilst we held aloft our banner.

Eventually the police arrived, and after the usual stalling we were back out on the street. One of the doors was locked, and at the other we managed to turn away numerous shoppers who after hearing what Topshop and Phillip Green are up to decided to take their business elsewhere. Tax Man proved immensely popular, particularly amongst the young and with somewhat confused tourists, who are going to have some explaining to do when they show these photos to their friends and family back home. All in all we distributed 600 flyers, not bad for only a couple of hours work.

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