Press Release for Upcoming Action

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For Immediate Release

Edinburgh Uncut Plans Cutting Edge Comedy Protest

Edinburgh Uncut, the direct action group which has targeted companies such as Vodafone, Top Shop and Boots over tax avoidance, is planning an in-store comedy gig this Sunday, the 15th of May.

This performance comes under the banner of the ‘Big Society Bail-In’, which UK Uncut recently launched, and follows similar actions in London featuring comedians such as Mark Thomas and Josie Long.
The target has not yet been announced and will be revealed on the day. Edinburgh Uncut have asked audience members to gather around the Ross Bandstand in Princes Street Gardens between 12 and 12:30pm.

Edinburgh Uncut activist Alasdair Thompson says ‘There are alternatives to the job losses and cuts to public services, for example, making the banks pay for a crisis they created or stopping tax dodging by corporations and the rich. The cuts are a political choice made by the government, they are not inevitable and as the government’s own figures show, they are not working’

Comedian Liz Ely, who will be performing at this event says ‘For me, the best comedy has something to say; I am excited to get the opportunity to put across my opposition to the Con-Dem’s agenda, and have fun at the same time.’

After performing at the first comedy bail-in, Josie Long said that the best protest was about ‘optimism, silliness, audacity’. Edinburgh Uncut plan to take this ‘silly audacity’ to the streets of Edinburgh.


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