Video: Comedy gig inside Bhs & arrest for holding a banner

A video of yesterday’s Edinburgh Uncut comedy gig inside Bhs, during which a protester was arrested simply for holding a banner.

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6 Responses to Video: Comedy gig inside Bhs & arrest for holding a banner

  1. MP says:

    I dont know if the laws are different north of the border but it would seem like the police are breaking the law by trying to stop you film.

    See here for a more detailed description

    and the official line of the MET Police

    and to quote…
    “It would ordinarily be unlawful to use Section 58A to arrest people photographing police officers in the course of normal policing activities, including protests, because there would not normally be grounds for suspecting that the photographs were being taken to provide assistance to a terrorist. An arrest would only be lawful if an arresting officer had a reasonable suspicion that the photographs were being taken in order to provide practical assistance to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.”

    • Mike Shaw says:

      Thank you MP – this is a very worrying turn they’ve taken. We’ll soon be taking legal advice and meeting with an MSP. In recent weeks (since the royal wedding) the police have, UK-wide, clamped down on activists – on very dodgy grounds.

  2. Elmo says:

    Thanks for letting me tag along on Sunday, never thought I would witness so many police for so few (passive) protesters! It was insane for me seeing two police vans, and so many officers just for some people with banners and me playing a ukulele! I also have to say that the manner in which they treated me (ie totally ignoring me) showed how they were seeking to target specific protesters regardless of what they were actually doing. Some might argue I made the most noise at points, yet they were obviously wanting to make an example of other protesters, in a way I would consider illegal. It seems Alasdair was being punished because he (like the rest of you) has already protested many times before. I can’t believe we live in that sort of country where there is apparently a limit on how many times you can express your opinions! As I said many times on the day, crazy! Anyway, cheers!

    • Well, thanks for coming along and playing the ukulele!

      • Ice says:

        Dix got lots of enmsnoederts from more than labour union directors, and won handily. He will be a very good Premier and have a good caucus working with him.

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