Tax Dodger Picnic tomorrow! (12th June, 2pm)

It’s less than a day until our tax dodger picnic, so here’s some more info:

We’ll meet on Sunday, 12th June at 2pm next to the Wellington Statue (East end of Princes Street) and then move on to have a nice picnic at one (or several) of the tax dodgers on Princes Street

Be conspicous – bring banners, placards, drums or other instruments. A picnic blanket and some food could be useful as well, it is a picnic after all. There will be cake (woohoo) and protest bingo! Don’t forget to bring a pen if you want to play bingo.

We will have legal observers and a legal support hotline (see number below). For a legal guide, see But don’t be put off by the arrests that happened at previous protests – if you are worried about getting arrested, then don’t enter any stores and it’ll be fine.

Legal support: 0797 556 0809 (write it on your arm)

Clare Ryan (solicitor): 07977000312

We also have beautiful new banners, including yet another replacement for the “cursed” Edinburgh Uncut banner:

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