30th June – Edinburgh and Glasgow

Edinburgh Uncut will be taking part in various actions on 30th June, and you’re welcome to join us for the whole day, or whenever you can.

First thing in the morning we’ll be taking some solidari-tea to our local pickets, and encourage you to do the same. This is the most complete list of Edinburgh pickets we’ve found.

At 10:15am we’ll be at the rally for striking workers at The Mound. Look out for our banners and flags!

Then we’re taking the 11:30 train to Glasgow to attend the PCS rally in George Square, and immediately after that we’ll be supporting the Black Triangle Campaign’s demonstration at the ATOS Origin processing centre (directions will be provided from George Square). ATOS are an IT company who carry out “work capability assessments” for the government, and have been responsible for unfairly classifying ill and disabled people as fit for work.

If you can’t make it to Glasgow, there are other groups planning things in Edinburgh on the 30th. Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty will be protesting against A4E – one of the companies running work-for-your-benefits schemes – and there’s a solidarity rally on The Mound at 17:30 for people who haven’t been on strike to show their support.

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One Response to 30th June – Edinburgh and Glasgow

  1. Skeptik says:

    Will be there with indignation and camera.

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