Next action: 22nd October 2011 – Edinburgh Uncut Returns!

Info about upcoming actions will be posted on this website, on the UK Uncut website and on facebook.

And why not have a look at what’ve been up to so far? We’ve been busy the last few months:

27th August 2011: Reclaim the Royal Mile
3rd July 2011: The Death of Public Services
30th June 2011: PCS strike
12th June 2011: Tax Dodger Picnic video

28th May 2011: Edinburgh Uncut’s 17th action
Police defend corporate criminals: arrests at Edinburgh Uncut action
Why I marched on Saturday 28th: The account of a UK Uncut activist
4th Uncut Activist Arrested in Edinburgh [Bright Green]
Video of protest and arrests at Bhs
Political Policing, or Business as Usual? [Bright Green]
Charges Dropped Against Edinburgh Uncut Activists

15th May 2011: “Cutting Edge Comedy”
Edinburgh Uncut Activist Arrested
Video: Comedy gig inside Bhs & arrest for holding a banner
My Afternoon in the Cells

16th April 2011: Edinburgh Uncut’s 15th action
9th April 2011: Surprise!
2nd April 2011: Big Society Revenue & Customs
26th March 2011: Tax Man and Audit Girl in London
5th March 2011: Nurseries, tax avoiders and lunch with the police video
19th Feb 2011: Tax Man vs. Barclays video
12th Feb 2011: Tax Man’s surprise visit to Topshop and Bhs
30th Jan 2011: The tax dodger name & shame
15th Jan 2011: HSBC occupied
18th Dec 2010: Flashmob shuts down Princes Street Vodafone and Topshop


3 Responses to Actions

  1. grannytooth says:

    Hello there,

    I’m considering gingerly dipping a toe into the great sea of protesting and people power, but I’ve only recently been really trying to get an informed grasp of the issues at play. I’m maybe gonna join in on one of these Uncut bail-ins, such as Saturday’s upcoming event, but was wondering if you could tell me who the target will be? Just so I can do a little research and put myself in a position where if I join a protest, I know exactly why I’m doing it.
    Does this make sense?
    Unless of course there are security reasons why you can’t say yet, in which case that’s fine.

    Anyhow, I look forward to a response.

    • Hi there,

      It’s great that you are considering joining our protest! You should definitely come along this Saturday, the more people the better 🙂

      And we’ve heard that Tax Man might make another appearance …

      Unfortunately we can’t tell you our target for this Saturday, it’s best to be a bit discreet about this – let’s not make it too easy for the police.

      Check out though, they have lots of info about potential targets. And we’ll probably visit all of them sooner or later …

  2. grannytooth says:

    Ah ok, I’ll check that out.

    Thanks very much!

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